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Healing Hearts helps parents through the grief of losing a child

LAWRENCE COUNTY - DECEMBER 5, 2023 - Healing Hearts is a support group started by two Lawrence County women who themselves have lost a child.

Brooke Key and Kathlene Dees started the group in June 2023.

The support group is for parents who lost a child at any age. Both women work together at the Goodwill in Bedford and decided to help others who are going through the difficult time of loosing a child.

" I had lost my daughter and Brooke Key guided me through my first steps of the grieving process. She had told me she was wanting to work on a support group to help others who had the same experience," said Dees.

" I felt doing this would allow me to walk and lend a hand to others in my same situation and we could both could take on this adventure together," added Dees.

"Hoosier Uplands has been so helpful and kind by allowing us to hold meetings at their facility located at 710 6th Street Bedford, Indiana. A few meetings were held at the Bedford Public Library. We just appreciate them allowing us to use the space,"

The group normally meets on the third Thursday of the month, but maybe subject to change. For more information you can go to healing hearts Facebook page.

Ayla Key was born August of 1998, and she gained her angel wings July 1999, after a hard battle with medical issues. " She was so strong and now Brooke has gained Ayla's strength and has played an important part on guiding people to the light in their darkest of times.

Ember Dees was born November 2022, and she gained her angel wings March 2023. Why she passed is still being investigated. She passed away at a daycare" I made it my passion to have her story and walk hand in hand with parents going through loss ensuring them they are not alone," said Kathleene Dees.

The next meeting of Healing Hearts is December 14, 2023, at 6:00 pm Hoosier Uplands 710 6th Street Bedford, Indiana 47421. For more information call Kathlene Dees at 812-902-4245.

For breaking news and information go to or like/follow the Lawrence County Facebook page.


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