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Guthrie Township has No Officials Running in General Election - Existing Officials will Remain

LEESVILLE - SEPTEMBER 26, 2022 - This year, no one from Guthrie Township offices filed to run in the 2023 Election.

No township official filed to run in the 2022 Election for offices in that township

Lawrence County Zephyr asked the Lawrence County Clerk's office what happens when no one runs for those offices.

According to Billie Tumey, Lawrence County Clerk, The Indiana Constitution In article 15, when a person is elected or appointed to an office with a specific term, that individual serves not only for that term but until a successor is elected or appointed.

If no one has filed to run for any of these offices, then the incumbent office holders on December 31, 2022, will automatically serve another four-year term unless they choose to resign or otherwise disqualified until December 31, 2026.

Current Guthrie Township Officials include:

  • Stacie Ratliff - Guthrie Township Trustee

  • Nick Hubbard - Guthrie Township Advisory Board member

  • Angela Myers - Guthrie Township Advisory Board member

  • Brooke Hayes - Guthrie Township Advisory Board member

In unrelated matter the criminal case in the matter of former Guthrie Township Robert Awbrey is set for jury trial on January 11, 2023. Awbrey has been charged with Official misconduct, and theft between $750 -$50,000.

The case against Awbrey was filed in July, 26, 2019 and numerous continuances have been filed on his defense attorney Scott Callahan.

Awbrey owes Guthrie Township more than $85,104.19 in restitution from his alleged misconduct and theft. The civil case against Awbrey has been put on hold, until the conclusion of his criminal trial. Awbrey did not have a bond as required by Indiana State Law to hold office and has not reimbursed the township any money at this time.

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