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Guthrie Township Advisory Board Resigns - Township Trustee remains

LEESVILLE - MARCH 28, 2023 - Guthrie Township remains without an advisory board, according to Lawrence County Clerk, Amy Voorhies.

On January 31, 2023, the Lawrence County Commissioners appointed Guthrie Township Trustee Stacie Ratliff, and Guthrie Township advisory board members Angela Myers, and Brooke Horner Hayes after none of these officials filed for the offices in the 2022 Election.

Nick Hubbard resigned from serving on the Guthrie Township board before the appointment by the Lawrence County Commissioners. The other two advisory board members Angela Myers and Brooke Horner Hayes have since resigned.

The township officials voted on establishing a fire territory in early 2022 with the Shawswick Township officials.

The budget for 2023 for Guthrie Township eliminated their fire protection budget for fire protection. The general budget and township assistance budget is the only two budget lines left for the township.

The average property tax increase for Guthrie Township is $150 - $300. Property taxes have increased for the some county residents on average from 16 percent - 20 percent.

Lawrence County Zephyr have reached out to Lawrence County Assessor April Stipp Collins on the property tax increases in Lawrence County.

Anyone wishing to apply to the advisory board can do so by contacting the Republican Party Chairman Heath Hawkins.


CALL 812-902-8168

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