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Greg Day Wins Republican Nomination - Faceoff with Darin Kinser in the General Election

LAWRENCE COUNTY - MAY - 4, 2022 - Greg Day's campaign started off early before even being able to file in the 2022 election.

Greg Day talks with a supporter following Tuesday night's victory

With the early start and a host of supporters for his campaign, Day was able to bring the primary into a victory column.

Segreant for the Indiana State Police have previously worked in the Lawrence County Jail as a jailer and moved up to that position as a jail commander.

" I am obliviously excited, and relieved, I feel like I can take a deep breath now. I have been working hard and excited for the people who have supported me," said Day.

" I want to thank Gregg Taylor and that entire team for running a very clean and above-board race. I have been friends with him for 20 plus years and I think we are still friends. I want to give a heartfelt thanks for all the people who supported me for the last 14 months," Day concluded.

Day will now faceoff with Libertarian Candidate Darin Kinser in the General Election.

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