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The best part of a job in journalism is the folks you encounter along the way to many interesting and intriguing assignments.

For 40 years Myron Rainey and I kept bumping into each other along the path to the Indiana Sportscasters and Sportswriters Hall of Fame. I’m so proud to share that distinction with such a fun-loving guy. We met in a football press box; partied (a little too hearty) at a memorable Indianapolis 500 bash; shared a multitude of dusty softball games at Murray Forest Park; covered uncountable basketball contests at BNL Fieldhouse and other prestigious arenas; shared a studio when I hosted Talk of the Town on WBIW; and spent numerous hours chatting about pertinent public issues at the Lawrence County Courthouse. What did I admire most about Myron? His love of family (he was blessed with a great one), and his sterling sense of humor that provided constant laughter and spawned genuinely infectious smiles. The partnership of Myron and Mayor John Williams could best be described as a match made for mirth. Neither was a shy guy, and they enjoyed making people laugh. They were good for the community, fostering friendships wherever they traveled. Not only would they provide an accurate account of what happened, they would deliver it in such a charming fashion. As a confirmed bachelor, I took delight in seeing Myron’s family evolve before my eyes. They were at nearly all sporting events and often manned the concession stand. What makes a community attractive? Good people, strong families. Each time I see Alana (his lovely daughter) smile … I’ll think of Myron. He was such a gregarious guy who touched lives as a sportscaster, a tireless umpire, a public servant and a forthright friend not easily forgotten. You lived a full life, Myron! Godspeed, my friend.

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