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Giving Blood Save Lives - Lawrence County Holds Blood Drives

BEDFORD - (January 20, 2022) - Blood Drives are extremely important, in fact very critical as COVID has reduced the number of people giving blood.

Hudson with his mother Megan Bowman, while giving birth Megan needed four units of blood

On Thursday a blood drive was organized by Jody Edwards Lawrence County Treasurer. Edward gets very emotional and tear up every time she tells how the need for blood impacted her family.

Jade Martin with Jody Edwards Lawrence County Treasurer who organized Thursday's blood drive

On August 24, 2021, her daughter Megan Bowan was giving birth to her son Hudson, when she started hemorrhaging. Four units was of blood was given to Megan and without this life saving blood her daughter would not be here today.

This is something that Edwards feels like she can advocate for and is now her mission to conduct blood drives for the community.

John Castrale has given over 114 pints of blood

There were 47 persons signed up to give blood at the Lawrence County Courthouse Plaza today.


" I have done this several times, I am O negative and so my blood is in high demand. Christ gave his blood for us, and I am willing to give my blood to other people," said Jan Halstead. Halstead says she is 75 and feels this is one of the ways she can still serve.

" I started giving blood when I was in college, and given about 114 units of blood so far," said John S. Castrale.

The American Red Cross encourages local communities to hold more blood drives as the blood supply is in a critical stage at this time.

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