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Garage and Vehicles Destroyed by fire after downed power lines - during storm ignites fire

OOLIITIC - JUNE 30 - 2023 - A garage and two vehicles were destroyed by fire Thursday afternoon.

The garage, and two vehicles which included a Razor, and R2D2 was destroyed in the fire.

There were no injuries reported.

Photo: Oolitic Volunteer Fire Department, Indian Creek, Marshall Shawsick, Township Volunteer Fire Department, Lawrence County Fire Territory, along with Oolitic Marshall Office responded to a garage fire 206 6th Street Thursday, afternoon. All photos taken by Oolitic Volunteer Firefighter Paul Fields

" We were originally sent to 206 3rd Street for a possible structure fire, but the fire was actually 200 block 6th Street, however when we first arrived it was just power lines in a tree, but the lines fell and caught some fires outside of the garage on fire and then spread to the garage," said Oolitic Fire chief Ted Maze.

Photo: Oolitic firefighters work to fight a fire in the 200 block of 6th Street, Thursday afternoon

The powerlines got into a tree, after a strong line of thunderstorms hit the area.

" Duke Energy was delayed in responding to this location and the fire was the outcome," added Maze.

The fire department reminds residents to treat all power lines as if they are live.

Oolitic Volunteer Fire Department, Oolitic Marshall's Office, Oolitic Street Department, Indian Creek, Marshall, Shaswswick, Lawrence County Fire Territory Ambulance, and Duke Energy responded to the fire.


1402 L Street Bedford, Indiana

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