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Four Years Later - Family Wants on Answers in disappearance and death of Mike Leatherman

MITCHELL - FEBUARY 20, 2023 - (Correction: It should read Leatherman ) The mother of Mike Leatherman needs some kind of closure, and to this day that has not happened in the disappearance and death of Mike Leatherman.

Many friends and family went searching for Mike for more than two years hoping something would turn up.

Photo: Mike Leatherman September 28,1972 - November 21, 2021

Mike Leatherman was released from the Lawrence County Jail around February 28, 2019, and within in two days of his release Mike went missing. Mike's body was not found until two years later in a quarry outside of Orleans, Indiana.

Only Mike's pants and billfold could only be identified according to his family.

" We could not have a decent funeral for Mikey, we had him cremated and this to made it difficult. As strange as it may sound, I started calling the funeral homes to see how much it would cost, and then all the sudden Cresthaven tells me they have Mike's body. The Orange County Coroner did not even tell me they released the body to the funeral home yet," said Bennett.

Mike's body was transported to Indianapolis for identification and took several months to positively identify that the body was Mike's.

The cause of death for Leatherman is listed as undetermined at this time, according to his mother.


The family started searching for Mike in around March 3rd and 4th, and finally making a police report to the Mitchell Police Department on March 16th after failing to get to a probation appointment on March 13th and 14th.

" Originally, I went to the Mitchell Police Department and told them that Mike was missing. However, the probation office told them unless I filled out any paperwork, I did not file a missing report yet. I was told to go to the Indiana State Police and make the missing person report, which I did so on about March 16th," said Connie Bennett who is Mike's mother.

A deputy from the Lawrence County Sheriff's Department went to take the original missing person's report.

"Someone knows something, but the case has gone cold for the Indiana State Police Detectives," Bennett added.

Bennet said the Indiana State Police Detective Tim Cummins has called recently and left a message telling her they are still working the case; they have not given up yet.

" I have heard a lot of gossip and things that you just say " really" but those who really know what happened have just went " Hush, Hush,"

" For me, it has been difficult as well as for his youngest brother, his brothers being Jackie Leatherman and Jesse Bennett. Bennett believes that the persons who have done it was someone Mikey trusted,"

Mikey did not have any transportation and relied on people to get him places. Mikey himself getting involved in the drug scene and created some of his legal issues. " You just do not kill someone. I need to know the why and how before I die," said Bennett. " I still have so many questions that need to be answered."

" I just have a hard time getting my mind around this. I can see if had an overdose, those happen every day and those bodies are found. To me this more than just a simple case of an overdose. I want to know what really happened to my son,"

" I still ask people if they know something, to call the police and give them the information. In reality, I know it will not be until someone gets into major trouble with the law before they start talking. In our jails, we have a revolving door of the drug users and dealers, and no one is going to talk unless they just have to," said Bennett.

Anyone with information on the disappearance of Mike Leatherman is asked to call the Indiana State Police.

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