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Four Women to Hold Lawrence County Council Positions in 2023

LAWRENCE COUNTY - NOVEMBER 8, 2022 - Four women will hold Lawrence County Council seats following the wins of long-time Republican Candidate Janie "Craig" Chenault and new to the political world Amy Redman.

Amy Redman (left) and Janie "Craig" Chenault (right) win their races in Lawrence County Council District 1 and Lawrence County Council District 3 respectively

Janie " Craig" Chenault is no stranger to the political world as she served as a Lawrence County Commissioner and prior to that on the Shawswick Township Advisory board.

Chenault being the first woman to serve in the role as a county commissioner and now has served two terms as Lawrence County Council woman.

" I told Larry, my husband this is the end of my political career, but this win is very exciting. And my husband cannot hardly wait to start a bon fire with my campaign signs," said Janie " Craig" Chenault following her win Tuesday night.

" I look forward to working with Amy, and Phil Inman and the other county council members. The Lawrence County Council has almost completely turned over in the last four years," added Chenault.

The two will join Julie Blackwell Chase and Julie Heweston as the four women who will sit on the Lawrence County Council in 2023. " I really do enjoy the process, I love politics and I think I can make a difference," Chenault concluded. Chenault being one of the longest serving on the council.

Amy Redman has won her first political victory Tuesday night.

" I have been involved in a lot of competitive stuff a lot throughout my life. You know you put in a lot of hard work, and hope you end up on top. This is a very satisfying feeling, I am humbled the support that Lawrence County has shown over the last year. I am excited to get to work," said Redman.

" I look forward to the new relationships with the existing Lawrence County Council," Redman concluded.

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