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Four Homes Damaged by Flooding in Lawrence County - Damage Assessments Continue

LAWRENCE COUNTY - MAY 24, 2022 - According to Lawrence County Officials four homes and a church was damaged by flooding on Friday.

Several outbuildings were damaged around Valley Mission Road on Saturday afternoon

Emergency personnel was dispatched to five water rescues beginning around 3:30 a.m. on Friday morning.

Mike Branham, Lawrence County Sheriff reported that one deputy was in flood waters, which damaged a body camera, taser and a police car was damaged performing water rescues.

Indian Creek Volunteer firefighters rescue a jet skier on from Salt Creek on Saturday

Depending on where you were located in Lawrence County reports from 2 inches to 8 inches of rain came down during several rounds of thunderstorms.

There was not any confirmation of a tornado in the northern part of Lawrence County that destroyed outbuildings, bringing several trees and powerlines down.

In the City of Bedford, several residents in the Broadview and Forestview Drives reports their homes were damaged by flood waters. Concerns over the city's stormwater system is being questioned by many residents.

Trees and powerlines were brought down in several places in Lawrence County over the weekend

Any resident who has experienced significant damage to their homes are asked to contact the Lawrence County Emergency Management Agency.

The Lawrence County Commissioners wanted to thank the sheriff's department, volunteer fire departments and county highway departments for their quick response. " There are probably other agencies we are unaware that was also part of the cleanup efforts," said Rodney Fish, President Lawrence County Commissioners.

Lawrence County Sheriffs Department responded to several calls throughout the county over the weekend due to storms and related emergencies

Lawrence County Commissioners Rodney Fish, and Wally Branham spent Saturday doing damage assessments as well as Lawrence County Sheriff Mike Branham.

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