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Foster/Kinship Group Trying to locate venue for monthly meetings

LAWRENCE COUNTY - FEBRUARY 6, 2023 - A newly formed group called Foster/Kinship Group is trying to find a location to meet for monthly meetings.

" This will allow Foster parents to meet monthly in person, and all the while the children could all play together. Lawrence County does not have a group or anything like it," said Kristian Brummett. " We are trying to find a free venue to meet,"

The idea from the group came from Samantha Mathis.

This is a support group for all foster and or kinship families to be able to get together to talk and support each other. Information is shared about parties, classes and anything that pertains to the area. This will include Lawrence and surrounding counties.

For additional information contact Kristian Brumett at 812-277-9387 or email :


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