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Former Bedford Police Officer Jeremy Crane Pleads Guilty to False Reporting / False Informing

LAWRENCE COUNTY - MAY 5 -2022 - Former Bedford Police Officer Jeremy Crane pled guilty to False Reporting and False Informing in a negotiated plea agreement Class B Misdemeanor.

Jeremy Crane former Bedford Police Officer pleads guilty to false reporting/false informing; however, the two felony counts of official misconduct was dropped

The plea agreement dismissed the remaining charges of two counts of Official Misconduct a Level -6 Felony for Crane.

Crane was sentenced to probation for his false reporting and false information. Crane agreed to pay court costs and fees.

Crane was arrested in April 2021, on two counts of Official Misconduct, after it was discovered that Crane created and submitted a report on October 3, 2020, that included false information about the collection of methamphetamines.

Special Prosecutor David Thomas was assigned to the case.


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