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Flynn & Sons Only Bid for Water/Sewer Project for $765,778

MITCHELL - NOVEMBER 15, 2022 - The City of Mitchell only received one bid for the Flynn addition Water/Sewer Project, this was the second time the bids were submitted with Flynn & Sons being the only bidder for the project. City council members approved the bid for the project at $765,778 during their meeting Monday night.

However, city council members will be looking on how to pay for the project. The council members will be deciding on using a combination of funds to pay for it or issue a bond.

The funds being considered include ARPA funds which have a balance of $326,462, Water funds - $671,000, Sewer funds - $780,000 and revenues in the meter deposits.

Consideration of using bonds to pay the project from the Indiana Bond Bank Mitchell Clerk-Treasurer got quotes from American German Bank and Old National with a interest rates. Indiana Bond Bank at this time has the best rates. The city council took the proposal under advisement at this time.

The Mitchell City Council approved for the Deputy Clerk-Treasurer during their meeting Monday night. The city council approved the pay increase to a hourly rate of $19.69 which will be an increase of $500 to the end of the year budget in 2022.

The Deputy-Clerk will make a total of $41,000 year for 2022. In comparison the Town of Orleans pays their deputy clerk $44,7000, Bedford - $66,700 and Paoli - $43,060.

The budget for 2023 have several City of Mitchell receiving an 8 percent pay increase.

The Mitchell City Council approved an invoice in the amount $8,005 for GIS mapping for water/sewer lines. All of the proposals passed in a 4-0 vote.

Mitchell City Council members include, District 1, Larry Caudell, District 2, is now vacant, District 3, Perry Reynolds, District 4, Daniel Talbott, and At-Large Seat George James.

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