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Five day day jury trial to begin in Lawrence County Superior Court I next week

Updated: Aug 21, 2023

BEDFORD - AUGUST 17, 2023 - A five day jury trial is set to begin next week with jury selection to begin on Monday in Lawrence County Superior Court I with Judge John Plummer III presiding.

Lynch is being re presented by Chief Public defender Tim Sledd, and Daniel Dixon. This comes after attorneys Alex Voils Jr. and Samuel Shapiro decided not to represent Lynch.

Photo: Lawrence Courthouse Plaza

Christopher Lynch 36, Bloomington is facing charges of dealing meth over 10 grams, possession of meth over 28 grams, and unlawful possession of a syringe.

Christopher Lynch

Lynch was one of four people arrested on November 4, 2019 after a Lawrence County Sheriff's deputy stopped a driver of an SUV on State Road 37 at the Sinclair gas station for a traffic violation.

When the deputy approached the vehicle the deputy detected a strong odor of marijuana coming from interior of the vehicle, this led to a search of the vehicle.

Officers found crystal meth, a hand- rolled cigarette that tested positive for marijuana, 110 grams of meth, syringes, and fentanyl test kits.

Lynch has a lengthy criminal history which includes cases in Monroe County with charges in a November 2020 case of Possession of destructive device, explosive device by a convicted felon, battery by a deadly weapon, intimidation and draws or uses a deadly weapon, pointing a firearm at another, and criminal recklessness with a deadly weapon.

Lynch is currently being held in the Monroe County Jail on those charges.


Located at 1416 James Avenue Bedford, Indiana (200 days same as cash)

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