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First day candidates file for Lawrence County elected offices Wednesday morning

LAWRENCE COUNTY - JANUARY 11, 2024 - The first day of filing for county offices, precinct committee members and state convention delegates began on Wednesday morning.

There was a total of 16 candidates lined up to file for their respective offices at 8:00 am. at Lawrence County Voter registration.

Photo: Lawrence County Commissioner Dustin Gabhart and Wally Branham will seek another term, Penny Cobb has filed for Lawrence County Treasure, and Chase Cummings has filed for Precinct Committeemen for Marshal Township and State Delegate

Photo: Dustin Gabhart and Wally Branham files for another term as Lawrence County Commissioner in District 2 and 3

Here is a list of county offices on this year's ballot:

  • Lawrence County Auditor

  • Lawrence County Clerk

  • Lawrence County Coroner

  • Lawrence County Recorder

  • Lawrence County Surveyor

  • Lawrence County Treasurer

  • Lawrence County Superior Court I Judge

  • Lawrence County Commissioners District 2 and 3

  • Lawrence County At - Large (three seats)

Candidates can file for delegates to the State Party and precinct committee members.

Photo: Jeff Mcknight will challenge Dustin Gabhart in the Lawrence County Commissioner District 2 in this year's election


The school board candidates cannot file until August with three City of Bedford seats and District 4 are up for election in the North Lawrence Community School Board.

Mitchell Community Board District 1, 2, and 3 are on the ballot this election cycle.

Photo: Rick Butterfield and Julie Chase will seek another term as Lawrence County At- Large seats

At this time the only candidate filings were Republican candidates. There are 40 precinct committee slots to be filled by election or appointment by the party chairman.

Photo: Brian Skillman files for Lawrence County Council At-Large seat

Here is a list of filings in their order of their filing:

  • Dustin Gabhart - Lawrence County Commissioner District 2 and Marion Township Precinct Committee

  • Wallace Branham - Lawrence County Commissioner District 3

  • Penny Cobb - Lawrence County Treasurer

  • Chase Cummings - Republican Precinct Committee for Marshall Township and Republican State Delegate

  • Jessica Allen - Lawrence County Recorder

  • Travis Sanders - Precinct Committee member and Republican State Delegate

  • Julie Blackwell Chase - Lawrence County Council At - Large

  • Rick Butterfield - Lawrence County At - Large

  • Andrew Rusch - Precinct Committee and Republican State Delegate

  • Brian Skillman - Lawrence County At - Large and precinct committee

  • Corey Allen - Lawrence County Surveyor

  • Jeff Mcknight - Lawrence County Commissioner District 2

  • Scott Smith - Lawrence County Council At - Large

  • Kenna Hodges - Precinct Committee Shawswick Township District 13

  • Elizabeth Freeman Cammock - Lawrence County Coroner

  • David Holmes - Lawrence County Council At - Large

  • Paula Stewart - Lawrence County Auditor and Bono Township Precinct Committee

  • Sam Bond - State Convention Delegate

  • Brad Bough - State Convention Delegate

  • Jeff Lytton - State Convention Delegate

  • Martha Arnold Turner - Lawrence County Auditor

  • Amy Voorhies - Lawrence County Clerk

  • Christopher Noel - Marshall Township Precinct Commitee

  • Janie " Craig" Chenault - State Delegate

Photo: Scott Smith who has previously served as Lawrence County Councilman would like to serve again

The Lawrence County Zephyr will monitor developments in the 2024 election.

For breaking news and information go to or like/ follow the Lawrence County Zephyr Facebook page.


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