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Firefighters respond to barn fire on Merdian Road Tuesday night

MITCHELL - SEPTEMBER 13, 2023 - Firefighters responded to a barn fire Tuesday night in the 200 block of Merdian Road.

The fire was reported approximately 11:10 pm sending firefighters from Marion Township, Mitchell City and Shawswick Township to the scene.

Firefighters from Shawswick Township was disregarded as a nearby fire hydrant provided plenty of water to fight the fire.

Photo: A nearby fire hydrant provided plenty of water to fire crews

There were no injuries reported, while IU Lifeline Ambulance crews stood-by at the scene.

Mitchell Police Department provided traffic control at the scene. The cause of the fire is not known at this time. Fire Chief Paul Gilespie was not available for comment, as fire crews were still working the fire scene.

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