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Firefighters Respond to Apartment Fire on Lincoln Street in Bloomington

BLOOMINGTION - JANUARY 18, 2023 - Bloomington Firefighters was dispatched to a apartment fire early Wednesday morning in the 500 block of North Lincoln Street.

The 911 call reporting the fire came in at 10:37a.m and firefighters from the Bloomington Fire Department and Monroe Fire Protection District are still on the scene at this time.

At this time no reports of injuries, Lawrence County Zephyr has not been able to speak with fire officials at this time.

The apartment complex has three floors of apartments, with parking garage below.

Firefighters are being rotating in and out while this fire has taken several hours to make sure the fire is completely out, and no hidden fires in the structure.

Firefighters receive instructions before heading to the roof

Monroe Fire Protection District is covering calls while several Bloomington Fire Stations are working the apartment fire.

No information on what caused this morning's fire at this time.

Bloomington Fire Department, Bloomington Police Department, IU Health Lifeline Ambulance, and Monroe Fire Protection District are among the many agencies at the scene. This may not be a complete list.

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