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FAYETTEVILLE - DECEMBER 23, 2022 - Firefighters from Indian Creek Township and Marion Township was able to quickly bring a house fire under control Friday afternoon.

A residence in the 4100 block of Indiana State Road 450 caught fire.

With brutal wind chills and temperatures at below zero firefighters used two handlines to get the fire out.

The call reporting the fire came in at 4:06 p.m. and firefighters remained on the scene less than one hour.

A large propane tank was in the home that could have posed a risk to firefighters. However, no injuries were reported, and the occupants were able to make it out of the home.

At this time Fire Chief Monte Wright says the cause of the fire has been undetermined. Firefighters did not have a chance to look into the cause of the fire at this time.

The home is owned by Scott Smith who is renting out the residence. The names of the occupants are not known at this time.

IU Lifeline Orange County Ambulance stood by as firefighters worked the fire scene.

Firefighters remind residents to make sure smoke detectors are working, following safety recommendations for all types of alternative heating, do not use power strips to energize space heaters, make sure heat tapes are properly installed, and make sure carbon monoxide detectors are used when using gas appliances.

This would make the second residential fire in Lawrence County this week.

Response times to fires may take longer than anticipated due to road and weather conditions.

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