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BEDFORD - DECEMBER 19, 2022 - At the conclusion of the Bedford City Council meeting Monday night Bedford City Council member asked both the Bedford Fire Chief John Hughes and Bedford Police Chief Terry Moore about the staffing levels for their departments.

Bedford Fire Chief John Hughes reports his department is fully staffed at this time. However, Chief Huges reports his department will have one firefighter going to Crane and another firefighter will be retiring soon.

Bedford Police Chief Terry Moore reports that with the retirement of Bedford Police Officer Danny Irwin he has a police officer filling his position at this time . In addition, Bedford Board of Works approved the disability of Bedford Police Officer Tim Chenn and his last day was last Friday. This will leave a vacancy in his department.

Chief Moore also reports that his department also will need to hire a dispatcher.

Bedford City Councilman congratulated Chief Moore on the news of Bedford Police Officer Sarah Haluda graduating from the Indiana Law Enforcement Academy.

Bedford Police Officer Sarah Haluda

Officer Haluda was a squad leader in the academy and finished # 1 in her class of 140 police officers. Congratulations to Officer Haluda on her accomplishments.

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