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Feedback Needed from Lawrence County Zephyr Subscribers

Good evening, with more than 10 Months of Operations it is time for subscribers to give feedback on how the Lawrence County Zephyr is doing.

Lawrence County Zephyr started in November 2021 -Licensed Business January 2021

Please email or go directly to the Lawrence County Zephyr Facebook Page and put comments under this story.

  1. Does the Lawrence County provide plenty of local news coverage?

  2. Is there a lack of coverage in something that interest you?

  3. Do you use desktop, cellphone or I-pad to access the Lawrence County Zephyr?

  4. Do you use Facebook or website to access the Lawrence County Zephyr?

  5. Do you like the site design?

  6. Is the website easy to navigate?

  7. How often do you use this as a news source?

  8. Do you feel this is a trustworthy source for news?

  9. Do you feel this news media site is accurate?

  10. What section do use the most? News, Police Beat, Lifestyle, Opinion, Business?

Add any additional information you think would be beneficial in improving this media site.

Bill Raines Owner/Editor Lawrence County Zephyr

Thank you for choosing the Lawrence County Zephyr! We hope to continue to improve!

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