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Fayetteville Lions Club Baseball Sign-up Underway - Volunteers Prepare the Fields for the Season

FAYETTEVILLE - (March 2, 2022) - The Fayetteville Lions Club Baseball sign-up are now underway. Every Saturday in March from 11:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. and April 2nd and 9th you can register for ball for this year's season.

(Volunteers start preparing the fields at Fayetteville Lions Park)

A team of volunteers have already been preparing the fields for this year's play. Scott Smith donated the trencher for the volunteers. Charlie Terrell done the field preparation and other volunteers worked to see what else needed to be done.

Fayetteville Elementary School is a major source of pride for the community. The community supported it local students and educators for their accomplishments. The new school was a must have and expansion necessary. The community lost its baseball field due to that expansion.

Proud sponsor of the Lawrence County Zephyr

The fields at the Fayetteville School location functioned like a community center. The field was used for a range of activities after school and throughout the summer. Several summer nights you could hear the cheers of the crowds, crack of bat, and the tall lights brightened the community spirits as the area was illuminated for play.

Proud sponsor of the Lawrence County Zephyr

It was apparent to the Fayetteville Community that Lawrence County would benefit greatly from the addition of a baseball field in the Fayetteville area and incorporating that goal into a community park plan became a major undertaking for the Fayetteville Community Lions Club.

The group will need volunteer coaches, umpires, concession workers and other volunteers to help with this year's season. For more information call Brad Canada at 812-276-3011.

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