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Fayetteville Baptist ProTeen Group 5K Held Saturday

FAYETTEVILLE - OCTOBER 31, 2022 - For the last 12 years the last weekend in October the ProTeen Youth Group conducts a 5K Run/Walk. The event is not a fundraiser but an event for youth to have fun, encourage exercise and have fellowship.

The youth group every year goes to a camp in North Carolina called the Wilds, just outside of Asheville, NC.

" The bible tells us to fellowship, but it does not really tell us how, so they are various opportunities, we have hayrides like last week. Seems like there was an interest in running in the church when we started this, when we first started about 10-12 years ago," said Nathan Bailey Youth Pastor Fayetteville Baptist Church.

Safety briefing before the 5K

The 5K was started by a mother and son who was into running, and Nathan Bailey was interested and that is how the event took off and still goes on.

" I have run this a few times before, I have a few friends in this and wanted to run with them." said Chase Turner, Oolitic. " I hope to be able to run this in 19 minutes, but might be in the 20-minute range," Turner added.

Indian Creek Township Volunteer Fire Department provides traffic control for the event every year.

Noah Bailey is getting ready to head to basic training at Ft. Leonardwood,,MO who made the 5K with a 30-pound pack, and boots to make it realistic what he is headed for.

Noah Bailey is heading to bootcamp this year at Fort Leonardwood, MO

" I am a patriot, love my country, I do not want to see foreigners invade and hurt my family," Bailey has had other family members who served and has always sparked his interest in serving his country.

Nathan Bailey Youth Minister Fayetteville Baptist Church

" Being part of the youth group has taught me how to be a better man and continue my walk with Christ and get stronger in my faith every day. said Noah Bailey.

Jonah Bailey who has been running since first grade took the finish line at 19:15 " today was a good running temperature" who reflected on his first-place finish.

Jonah Bailey takes the finish line at 19:15

Results from Saturday's 5K


  • 1st Place - Jonah Bailey - 19:15

  • 2nd Place - Kason Gulley - 23:58

  • 3rd Place - Jacob Crites - 24:08

Junior Varsity

  • 1st Place - Levi Woodward - 29:18

  • 2nd Place - Marci Pittman - 29:28

  • 3rd Place - Catalina Wooster - 34:05 ( beat her father by one tenth of a second)


  • 1st Place - Logan Crites - 41:06

  • 2nd Place - Emily Wade - 41:25

  • 3rd Place - Lilly Wade - 47:13

The Pro-Teen Group meets weekly at Fayetteville Baptist Church at 6:30 p.m. every Wednesday night and encourages those wanting to find something for youth activities is a great place for families of all ages.

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