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FAITH COMMUNITY - Community Prayer Circle Three Years Praying for Lawrence County

LAWRENCE COUNTY - (November 30, 2021) - The very first Community Prayer Circle begun three years ago during the National Day of Prayer around the flag pole at the Lawrence County Courthouse.

Tuesday evening, a group met yet again. Every fourth Tuesday of the month at 6:00 p.m. to unite in prayer for the Lawrence County Community.

The prayer requests include prayers for family members with drug addiction, battling cancer, job loss, government leadership locally, state, and federal levels of government, Isarael and any other request that came to mind of those in attendance.

A prayer of thanksgiving for what the Lord provided, healings and other prayer request answered are also uttered.

Each person is allowed to pray, and is passed on to the next person that wishes to pray. Those who do not squeezes the hand to the next person in line to pray if they do not wish to pray out loud.

The group has met in the summer heat, and the bitter cold of winter to keep prayers uplifted for the community.

" I always say that helps me to remind myself how important prayer is. No matter what is going on around me," said Lisa Meadway who has attended for the last three years.

Photo:Lisa Meadway (right) has attended the Community Prayer Circle for the last three years at the Lawrence County Courthouse

" This is extremely important, we started this before COVID pandemic hit and it only reinforced our purpose and continuing it. It has pointed me to other people in like faith, and winning people towards God,"

The group is open to the public with a variety of churches represented. Tuesday's nights group had about 12 people in attendance and many more have participated in the group prayer.

The idea for the prayer circle was organized by Lakindra Harper who felt the burden for the community.

The next prayer circle will take place on the fifth Tuesday of the month at 6:00 p.m. instead of the fourth like normally is done.

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