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Englewood Fire Station is closed due to birds - Bids approved to clean fire station

BEDFORD - NOVEMBER 15, 2022 - Bedford's Englewood fire station is closed after birds have entered the building. The fire crews at the fire station are currently being housed at Bedford Fire Headquarters.

Bedford's Englewood Fire Station is currently closed

The birds have previously entered the fire station, and the city tried to remediate the problem, however they have returned.

BlueMoose, Bloomington, Indiana was chosen to clean-up the fire station, and after their work is complete, the furniture and cleanup will to have be done. The Bedford Board of Works chose BlueMoose, Bloomington to complete the initial remediation.

The cost of the additional repairs is not known. BlueMoose will start work on Wednesday and will take about 4-5 days to complete. " We are wanting to get the facility opened as soon as possible due to the safety of the public," said Bedford Mayor Sam Craig.

The bids submitted include:

  • BlueMoose Envirnomental - Bloomington - $13,900

  • BioOne - Indianapolis - $19,000- $20,000

  • SERVPRO - Bloomington - $42,054.33

  • Aftermath - Indianapolis - $47,137.50

Bedford City council member Brad Bough attended the Bedford Board of Works meeting Tuesday. " I want to thank Mayor Sam Craig, for his quick work on this situation," said Brad Bough.


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