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Elise Nieshalla Visits Bedford Tuesday in her bid to Become the Next State Treasurer

BEDFORD - MAY 31, 2022 - Elise Nieshalla, declared candidate for Indiana State Treasurer visited Bedford on Tuesday in her bid to become Indiana's next State Treasurer. The election will take place on November 8, 2022.

Indiana Treasurer Incumbent Kelly Mitchell is term limited and cannot seek re-election.

Other declared candidates include Dan Elliott, from Morgan County who is the Republican party chair, Lana Keelsing, Fort Wayne, city-clerk, Elise Nieshalla, Boone County president, and Pete Seat former Indiana Republican party spokesman.

Hoosiers do not get an opportunity to choose party candidates for secretary of state, auditor of state, and treasurer. Those candidates will be chosen at the party's convention.

The GOP State Convention will be held on June 18 at the Indiana Farmers Coliseum. The Democrat State Convention will also be held on June 18, at the Indiana Convention Center.

Declared candidate for Indiana State Treasurer Elise Nieshalla

Lawrence County Zephyr got to talk with Elise Nieshalla on Tuesday evening on why she wanted to be the next Treasurer in the State of Indiana.

" I want to be able to protect our economic freedom from the serious encroachments coming from the Biden administration," said Nieshalla.

" I also want to build economic freedom, on a very personal level with financial literacy. It is important that our emerging adults understand the power of budgeting, saving and investing," Niesalla added.

Nieshalla was asked about the $6.1 Billion in budget surpluses how is Indiana going to translate those tax revenues into small towns like Oolitic and Mitchell who have a very limited budget, but their infrastructure needs are great.

Nieshalla responded by saying that her core responsibility if selected as the next Indiana Treasurer is to grow and safeguard Indiana financial assets. " For every dollar we earn in interest that is one less dollar needed in taxes. I will support the work of the Indiana legislature making those decisions by making sure those assets grow and are safe,"

Nieshalla was then asked about the two biggest taxes affecting Hoosiers are Fuel and Property taxes and asked her thoughts on those big revenue generators for the state and local governments.

" As Boone County president, council we as a county have been very active to defend taxpayers. We had a situation where a major corporation was appealing their assessed value for a 50 percent discount. What would happen that tax burden would be shifted to families, small businesses and farmers. This phenomenon was not just happening in Boone County but across the 92 counties in Indiana. We fought and we won, two court rulings in this case. Fortunately, the Indiana State legislature closed this loophole," Nieshalla exclaimed.

In relation to the gas tax, Nieshalla added " We have been subjected to leadership coming out of Washington D.C. with the Biden Administration and Congress. We are dealing with failed economic, energy and foreign policies. We have lost so much from America First, now we must stand for Hoosiers First,"

When asked about the Indiana Legislature's 2017 fuel tax increase and suspend the tax. " I have to leave that to the legislative branch, but what I can do is protect our economic freedom. Let me give you two examples, you remember back in the Fall when the Biden administration that even minor banking transactions be reported to the Internal Revenue Service? " No way, and state treasurers are in key position to push back and protect Hoosiers erogenous policy on our personal banking privacy,"

" Now, the Biden Administration and U.S. Department of Labor that by default that pension funds by invested in these woke ESG funds which stands for Environment, Social, and Governance and these funds have higher fees and promote their left-wing agenda. The Indiana State Treasure serves as trustee of the Indiana State Police pension fund, and board of the Indiana Public Employee Retirement System. For our teacher, law enforcement and state workers, we must make sure their hard-earned dollars invested that gives them the best opportunity, and best rate of return in their retirement,"

Indiana is an agriculture state with much of the tax burden especially in property taxes is laid on Indiana's farmers. Nieshalla was asked how she would advocate for the Indiana farmer.

" The work we did, which was called " Closing the dark block loophole, we partnered with the Indiana Farm Bureau which they were a tremendous strength in getting that job done. In my current work as a county council woman, I am very thrilled that effort to preserve fair taxation and stop an unfair tax burden shift,"

In conveying other issues, she felt important, Nieshalla added its time to rebrand College Choice 529 those funds can be used for Trade and Technical Schools. Let call it " Bright Future 529 Fund" and let every Hoosier family know that a child does not have to know their post-secondary education route. Hoosier families can invest early, as well as yearly to build a solid nest egg for their child's education,"

Nieshalla says a program in West Virginia which is a Tax Advantage Saving Account program referred to as a " Jump Start" Savings account to be able to purchase tools and equipment for trade school programs.

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