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Janie "Craig" Chenault seeks Another Term Lawrence County Council District -3

LAWRENCE COUNTY - (March 27, 2022) - Lawrence County Council Candidates were asked four questions submitted by subscribers. Every county council candidate was given the same questions.

Janie Craig Chenault is seeking another term Lawrence County Council District 3

Janie Craig Chenault - (R) - Lawrence County District - 3 is seeking another term on the Lawrence County Council. Here is her response to questions asked.

1. Some candidates use the term conservative in their campaign press release; however, the Lawrence County Budget is over $28 Million the highest on record. Explain to mean how you will look at the future budget process?

In reality, all budgets tend to increase year after year. My conservative values will always cause me to take into consideration the impact on the Lawrence County taxpayer in any decision we make collectively on the county council. We too are taxpayers.

2. The recent justice study calls for a $46 million new jail to be constructed at another location, new justice center, and a fourth courtroom. As a county council member how would you pay for this proposal, and what taxes would be utilized to pay for this?

At this point I have not seen the study you refer to, and until there is a communication from the commissioners concerning this topic, I cannot, nor should I, try to answer for the council concerning future, possible considerations.

3. Why do you want to be a county council member?

I am a lifelong resident of this county and I have years of experience, both as a councilman and as a commissioner, which I believe has added value, and contributes in a positive way to council considerations and the work we do.

4. How would you make sure county office holders keep within their established budget?

The Lawrence County Council has oversight of each officeholder’s budget. Budget hearings are a lengthy and carefully considered part of this job. Each council member is a liaison to 3 or 4 officeholders and interacts with them throughout the year. There’s fact gathering, interaction with the liaison, and lengthy consideration at budget time and throughout the year.

At this time you can add additional information or communicate to the voter other things not addressed in these questions.

As a Lawrence County Council member, I will always execute my duties to the best of my ability and to the best of my conservative values as an elected official and as a taxpayer here in Lawrence County. I love my county and I’m willing to serve.

I will appreciate your vote on May 3!

The Lawrence County Zephyr will continue to provide full coverage of the Lawrence County Council races this week.

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