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Editorial: Why Americans no longer believe in the Constitution or free speech?

EDITIORIAL : SEPTEMBER 25, 2023 - This is a question for the readers of the Lawrence County Zephyr, Why Americans no longer believe in the United State Constitution and the rights given by it?

Photo: The sign held has caused a conversation since the Lawrence County Zephyr posted it Sunday afternoon

A local resident and member of the local Democrat Party attended the local UAW 440 Solidarity Rally downtown Bedford on Sunday afternoon.

The UAW Solidarity Rally was a public event, and who invited everyone to attend.

All media who attended the event took this photo and it was posted on the Lawrence County Zephyr.

One person posted on their Facebook page " The sign should not be allowed there and it a huge embarrassment of the local union and overall,"

First lesson, in the Constitution is gives a right for a free press. Somehow Americans now feel they can tell the media what they can and cannot cover. Lawrence County Zephyr has been asked to take the post down. The Lawrence County Zephyr will not take the posting down.

Just as the people who support the right to bear arms should also respect the rights of the person holding the sign, of their right to free speech, and the Lawrence County Zephyr right to a free press.

Most should have come to the conclusion that this person view does not express the opinion of those in attendance.

Many have been accustomed to a one sided presser supporting the narrative of local, state, federal government, non-profit, or any other group or organization who releases the release.

Americans are slowly being trained to silence the opposition by any means. The American people no longer want to educate themselves on an issue, but rather advocate for the results they solely desire.

By only one person's sign, many take the position that they cannot support the UAW on their mission for better pay, because this one person's sign on Gun rights. Do you find it interesting , how one person's opinion can influence both sides of an issue. This one woman influenced hundreds of people just by one sign reported by only one news outlet.

Is local news coverage influenced by your local leaders, business or corporate sponsors, political candidates or local non- profits?

My question how easily are you influenced by one persons opinion, and sign and one news story covering the event?

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25 sept. 2023

Freedom of speech is for everyone in this country, including people who say something others may not agree with!

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