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Editorial: LCIS the only middle school without a SRO in Lawrence County


FAYETTEVILLE – JULY 29, 2023 – The Lawrence County Independent Schools is the only middle school in Lawrence County that does not have a plan to provide a School Resource Officer.

Lawrence County Independent Schools

Springville Community Academy has since hired B.J. Fulkerson as its School Resource Officer with an agreement with the Lawrence County Sheriff Greg Day as a special deputy.

But in its since its operations began in 2021, agreements with the Indiana State Police or the Lawrence County Sheriff’s Department have not been realized.

Since 2018, Lawrence County Government as well as both the Mitchell Community Schools, and North Lawrence Community Schools have been able to help fund school resource officers, with support from the City of Bedford Police Department.

Photo: : Lawrence County Sheriff Greg Day

Since 2021, North Lawrence Community Schools have only one middle school which Bedford Police Department provides a SRO to Bedford Middle School Students.

Mitchell Community Schools currently does not have a School Resource Officer following the resignation of Rob German, but the plans are to get a SRO hired as soon as possible.

The Mitchell Police Department and Lawrence County Sheriff’s Department will provide police protection until a new SRO can be hired.

Lawrence County Independent Director Joanne Symcox has applied for safety grant of $400,000 to address various safety issues for the school located five mile west of Bedford.

The remote location of the school as well as a narrow state highway could take law enforcement several minutes to reach the location should a police emergency occur.

At the present time Lawrence County Sheriff Greg Day has not asked county officials to help with any funding or security for the LCIS.

The Springville Community Academy is funding their SRO through their own school.

Both charter schools are located on the western part of Lawrence County, with the two schools started since the consolidation of the North Lawrence Community Schools.

Lawrence Cunty officials need to come up with a county SRO Safety Plan for all schools.


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Joey Simpson
Joey Simpson

It’s a shame our prosecutor never charged Fulkerson with anything after the incident with Jeremy Small. He admitted on camera to breaking multiple traffic laws and possible intimidation as well

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