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Editorial: Kudos to the North Lawrence Community School Board

Editorial: BEDFORD - MARCH 31, 2023 - Kudos to the North Lawrence Community School board for opening up their discussion on the Oolitic Middle School.

North Lawrence Community School Board

The Work Session Thursday night probably made the NLCS school board uncomfortable in voicing their perspective in regard to the OMS issue.

At times the discussion may have got personal, but at least the public was able to get a glimpse of the workings of this school board. In most cases, the public rarely seeing the discussion, as the votes are taken, and very little dialogue.

Kudos to NLCS president Wendy Miller who allowed Vice-President Adam Parsley to run the meeting and done a very good job of keeping the meeting on topic.

Miller appeared on Zoom with the NLCS board members.

Granted, there will be few opportunities to see this kind of meeting, but this one time this board was open and transparent and for that thank you.

This editorial was written by Bill Raines, editor of the Lawrence County Zephyr.


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