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Editorial : Is Our Youth Really that bad? Lawrence County's Vision for Youth

BEDFORD - JANUARY 23, 2023 - This weekend Bedford had probably more youth since Damon Bailey played basketball at the Bedford North Lawrence High School.

During that era the highways leading into the Bedford North Lawrence Fieldhouse were congested, buses hauled area residents in by TASC bus with Betty Hamiliton leading the way. It was a good time for those of all ages.

Restraunts were full, and the high schoolers of the day filled motel rooms across the state to watch the famed Stars when the state championships. Many parents allowing their high school child to go along for the adventure.

Over the weekend, more than 300 trucks, cars, motorcycles and approximately 1,000 youth came to Bedford to spend their money and have a great time.

The cash registers at the Revere's gas station were just ringing by the minute with the many who came, purchasing fuel, and snacks.

Many complaints were fielded about the influx of youth, burning rubber, and congregating among the parking lots of local businesses.

Bedford was like that many moons ago, from the courthouse square, Dairy Queen, and many other places. However, those times have long ended. with the close of bowling alleys, skating rinks, and other places for youth to express themselves.

In analysis about today's youth conversations can include Youth are overweight, sedentary, entitled or rude.

The question will be is today's youth really the worst generation?

In today's debate about youth, , many consider them, overweight, sedentary, entitled and rude.

Each generation has its attributes that explains to their behaviors and what is actually going on in the world around them. The Millennials brought technology advancements and highly educated and the future change for society.

But many view today's youth as lazy, needy, self - absorbed, and entitled.

This comes from generations who brough the drug world, Woodstock, free-love, and spit on the Veterans as they returned home.

In Lawrence County they are planning on building a $58 Million Jail Facility to handle society's misfits and plans were to turn the former Fayetteville Elementary school into a Juvenile Detention Facility.

For our local leaders to view youth this way, makes me to know that youth are considered criminals.

Our view of youth is not very confident in what kind of adults they can become.

In 2010, Bedford City officials commissioned a comprehensive plan for the future of the city.

The plan addresses the education system, and how we can get our youth to remain in the city verses moving away to a more accommodating city with job opportunities and places for them to live, work and play.

This plan was drafted more than 13 years ago: but we still have the issue of keeping youth within the city and county to make sure we have a population increase not decrease.

However, like many places across the United States their remains many discussions and questions about our youth. For today, I will this thought how do see Lawrence County's Youth?

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Paul Gillespie
Paul Gillespie
23 Ιαν 2023

I have a unique view on today's youth. My firehouse has several of those youth's wondering around, 13 of them to be exact. The 20 somethings as a 50 year old, such as myself, would say. These "kids" came to us to join the fire service when they were still in High school and considered "Junior Firefighters" or "Cadet Firefighters", and I couldn't be prouder of them! They have grown and taken to this very dangerous occupation. Many of them are now serving as Career firefighters and have remained volunteers. Dedicated, Self starters and bright! They are way smarter than my generation was at the same age (Prior to internet and the world at your fingertips). "Kids today", kids today…

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