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Editorial : Has North Lawrence Community Schools Lost The Vision for Education?

LAWRENCE COUNTY - JULY 22, 2022 - Thursday morning, Dr. Ty. Mungle had a survey crew at the Springville Community Academy in Springville measuring property lines.

Dr. Ty Mungle ( middle) talks with survey crew Thursday morning, North Lawrence Community Schools deeded only couple parcels of property back to Perry Township

Reminds of the morning I received the call of the North Lawrence Community Schools taking the playground equipment at the same location that local Parent Teacher Organizations, and taxpayers helped pay for up last year.

Those who supported the consolidation says that people need to move on, the vote is done and over.

The people affected by it, has moved on by re-establishing and re-purposing the need for a better education.

Current North Lawrence Community School Board members Bryce Bennett, Jeff Lambrecht, Kristen Collier, Trent Todd, Dr. Kamal Girgis, Dr. Wendy Miller, and Tracy Bailey

Educations choices are here to stay, and by the examples being shown by both the Supt. of North Lawrence Community Schools and NLCS school board this is the reason parents and teachers are leaving the NLCS school system.

The Lawrence County residents and taxpayers have decided to establish their own educational opportunity with not one but two charter schools. Those schools focused on the education and teaching the life skills needed for life beyond the classroom.

On November 21, 2021, many of the items taken from the four NLCS elementary schools was disposed of at Bedford Recycling

Sadly, two years later, North Lawrence Community School Supt. Dr. Ty Mungle or the North Lawrence Community School board has not moved on. They are still focused on property and children they longed have abandoned.

The time has come to give the same advice to the Superintendent and North Lawrence Community School Board the time has come for you to move on.

North Lawrence Community School Corporation is still focused on issues that are not focused on the education of the children of Lawrence County but trivial issues that are costing taxpayers more money.

We ask the North Lawrence Community to start focusing on better teacher pay, being better adults, and focus on the education of our youth.

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