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Editorial: Consolidation Brought Educational Opportunity to Lawrence County

LAWRNCE COUNTY - (February 25, 2022) - North Lawrence Community School Superintendent Dr. Ty Mungle and North Lawrence School Board's plan to consolidate and close four elementaries, brings more educational opportunities to Lawrence County.

Dr. Ty Mungle Supt. North Lawrence Community Schools

The plan that NLCS proposed; was just not what the Lawrence County taxpayers and communities wanted.

(The support of public schools was overwhelming in the November 2019 to keep their local school open, however in January 2020 the North Lawrence Community Schools voted to close Fayetteville,Heltonville, Stalker,and Springville Elementary Schools, as well as Shawswick Middle School)

North Lawrence Community School Board failed to listen to their customers and the people who made the school corporation profitable. The closing of all of Lawrence County's western elementary school was a decision based on what they thought was the best business practice of deficit spending on five of the 10 elementary schools in corporation.

According to Mungle and NLCS board the proposal was to bring more educational opportunities to all students that incorporate the school system.

Well, now Lawrence County has two charter schools, which gives Lawrence County students several opportunities, and to decide where to send their children for their education.

For the haters of charter schools, you must realize the support for North Lawrence Community School Corporation was there, they begged for the corporation to keep at least some of the elementary schools that were closer to them open.

(Fayetteville opened up in 2021 as Lawrence County Independent Schools with a enrollment of over 300 students the school was organized in 2020)

However, those pleas were ignored by a different business and education plan by the NLCS.

The NLCS failed to realize that the community of concerned parents took their children's education more seriously than anticipated and formed not one but two charter schools in areas NLCS no longer wanted to have a presence.

The communities of Fayetteville and Springville did not leave North Lawrence Community School Corporation, but North Lawrence Community Schools left them.

(The Springville Community Academy is now seeking enrollment for the 2022-2023 school year)

Enrollment for both charter schools of LCIS and Springville Community Academy are now open. LCIS is K-8 and Springville Academy is K-6, and if interest is strong a 7-8 grade may be added.

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