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Editorial: Bedford Sign Ordinances Silences City Residents in This Year's Election

BEDFORD - (February 27, 2022) - This year's midterm election is underway in Indiana and campaign signs are being erected across the state except in Bedford, Indiana.

In 2016, Bedford's sign ordinance limits the time when campaign signs can be placed. According to the ordinance campaign signs can be placed 30 days prior to the primary, and must be immediately taken down, and 30 days prior to the General election and must be taken down immediately.

The Republican led city council adopted the ordinance back in September 2016, and while the majority of Lawrence County residents are showing support for their particular candidate Bedford residents will have to wait.

The enforcement of other yard signs is not as stringent because in the words of former Bedford Plan Commissioner Dan Kirk they do not have the time to police signs.

However, one intersection the Lawrence County Zephyr there were more than eight signs that have been at the location for more than 30 days as stated by the sign ordinance.

If the idea behind the ordinance the city preventing litter, the city is littered with yard signs about every main intersection there in Bedford. If it is to limit political speech, then I guess by looking at Lawrence County residents supporting candidates; no political signs in Bedford it works.

The sign ordinance has been under controversy for several years. Residents can start placing their signs up April 1, 2022. Bedford City Attorney Greg Pittman maintains the city ordinance is constitutional.

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