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East Oolitic Bridge is expected to re-open by next week

EAST OOLITIC - NOVEMBER 7, 2022 - The East Ooltic bridge is expected to be re-opened sometime next week. Most of the repairs new have been completed.

East Oolitic Bridge is expected to be reopened sometime next week

Lawrence County Highway Superintendent Brandi Webb reports that Phase -1 of the bridge inspections are now half-way complete. However, she reported some bridges have now reduced weight limits on them.

  • Bridge 33 - Pinhook Road - 28 Ton Limit

  • Bridge 146 - Hunter Creek Road - 17-ton limit

  • Bridge 36 - Lucas Road - 5-ton limit and is deteriorating quickly

Lawrence County Highway is preparing for the winter season by stock piling sand, and replacing culverts and cutting brush.


Grand re-opening this week 1126 16th Street

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