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Dream Comes true for Bedford's newest police officer Landon Jones

BEDFORD - NOVMEBER 21, 2022 - For Landon Jones his longtime dream of becoming a police officer has been finalized.

Landon Jones dreams of being a police officer has come true, Jones was sworn in as Bedford's latest police officer

Jones who has worked behind the scenes as a dispatcher for the Bedford Police officer will now be wearing the badge.

Jones began his career as a dispatcher in February 2016, answering the emergency calls that he will be responding to as a police officer.

From the mundane everyday calls of abandoned vehicle complaints, loud music, or neighbor disputes to the more serious incidents of domestic violence, car accidents, and other criminal investigations that will require specialized training.

" I am looking to a long career with the Bedford Police Department," said Jones.

Jones father, Kevin worked as a police officer for over 33 years, and Jones has grown up in the environment and a lot of other family has been involved in law enforcement.

Landon Jones family stands with him, during Monday afternoon's swearing in ceremony

Jones has seen this as an opportunity as a dispatcher to get involved in law enforcement.

Jones's family attended today's ceremony along with several friends and Bedford Police Department officers welcoming him to the force.

Bedford Police Officer Landon Jones

Bedford Mayor Sam Craig welcoming Jones to the police force. Jones will be attending the Indian Law Enforcement Academy for the additional training as well as undergo field training with the department learning local department procedures and protocols.

Join Lawrence County Zephyr in welcoming Bedford Police Officer Landon Jones

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