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Dr. Ty Mungle Says Corporation Headed in Right Direction Following Consolidation

BEDFORD - SEPTEMBER 16, 2022 - Superintendent Dr. Ty Mungle told the North Lawrence Community School board and the public during the 2023 Budget hearing the corporation is moving in the right direction, Thursday night. The right sizing of the school corporation is starting to pay off and will help with teachers raises in the upcoming contract.

The school corporation reduced its overall budget this year. This school corporation's overall proposed budget was $49 Million for 2023. This is reduction from $50 Million in budget year 2022 and the budget has been as high as $52 Million previously.

Dr. Ty Mungle noted that the Education Fund that the corporation was using more than 15 percent for the Operations Fund and should be below 15 percent by next year.

With the closure of the elementary schools, throughout the corporation has helped keep the operations budget in better condition. The rationale behind consolidation was the corporation was using too much out of the Education Fund to help with operational costs.

Both the Education Funds and Operation Funds are used to pay salaries for North Lawrence Community School staff.

A surprising look at the projected budget, was the reduction of $4 Million in the Education Fund. This fund is used to help with paying teachers' salaries and was reduced by $ 4 Million in a year of teacher salary negotiations. There is some expectation that due to decreasing enrollment that the funding will be reduced and has previously been reduced over the years due to the decline.

Dr. Mungle pointed out the corporation always projects a little higher than anticipated budget expenses so the corporation does not have to ask for additional appropriations should they go over budget.

Dr. Ty Mungle says the corporation still has about 30 more schoolteachers than are needed based on the enrollment numbers of a comparable school district.

With the reductions in staffing, and right sizing the schools, Dr. Mungle reports that this year the savings from consolidation can be realized in this budget year.

Proposed 2023 Budget of NLCS

  • Rainy Day Fund - $2,500,000

  • Debt Service - $6,197,457

  • School Pension - $799,933

  • Education - $25,900,000 this is a reduction of $4 Million which pays teachers salaries

  • Operations - $13,621,632

Improvements planned for the corporation in the near future of corporation which some have been included in the 2023 proposed budget.

  • Technology Infrastructure Project - $100,000

  • HVAC/Repair and Replacement - $350,000

  • Roofing Systems and Repair - $150,000

  • Athletic Facilities Repair and Replacement - S250,000

  • Exterior Facilities and Replacement - $350,000

  • Technology Software and Replacement - $100,000

  • Seal Coating and Asphalt on parking lots - $75,000

  • Replacement and Repair outdoor Seating at Athletic Fields - $150,000

  • Replacement and repair of septic Field at BNLHS and Needmore - $500,000

  • Replacement of Fuel System at BNL - $425,000

  • Upgrade audio at the Performing Arts Center and Schafer Auditorium - $325,000

  • Playground and Maintenance repairs - $200,000

The NLCS plans to purchase four new 66 passenger school buses in 2023 for total cost of approximately $580,000 in 2023.

The budget will not be adopted until October 20th, at 5:30 p.m.

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