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Dr. Jeffery Bond Named Next Mitchell High School Principal

MITCHELL - MAY 12 - The Mitchell Community School Board approved the hiring of Dr. Jeffery Bond as the next Mitchell High School Principal during a special board meeting Thursday night.

Dr. Jeffery Bond (left) is welcomed by Mitchell Community School Supt. Dr. Brent Comer as the next Mitchell High School Principal by

The Brown County native was welcomed into the Mitchell community by Dr. Brent Commer, Mitchell Community School Board of Trustees, and his colleagues.

" I am excited, I look at what Mitchell does and how they performed in the past," said Dr. Bond. " I am really excited about the opportunities that lie ahead. There is a lot to look forward to with the staff and the community has been wonderful," Bond continued.

When asked about what goals he has for Mitchell High School. " I need to get in there and meet the staff and students. I can look at things from the outside all day long but that is not necessarily a clear picture of what it looks like internally. I need to get in there meet the people and learn about them. Find out what we do well, and what we need to work on,"

In meeting the Mitchell Community School Corporation's goal of literacy Dr. Bond says he is an absolute advocate of literacy and the ability to read. " Not just the text but informative text, work related text, employability text, things that have larger implication,"

Dr. Bond comes from South Dearborn High School as principal over the last five years and has just finished his 28th year in education. Bond has a long history and unique background, that he feels has prepared him for what lies ahead.

Bond was originally from Brown County and that was part of the draw, says he was familiar with Mitchell from his past. " I grew up competing against Mitchell as an athlete, so when I saw the opening it drew my attention, and brought me to the area," Bond concluded.

From left to right: Jillian, Sarah, Dr. Jeffery and Keegan Bond

Dr. Bond brought his family with him to the meeting Thursday night, which included Sarah, his wife, and children Jillian and Keagon. He also has two other older children that could not attend the meeting.

In other business:

The ESports team for an overnight stay on May 20th in South Bend for their competition. The seven athletes and Chaperones. Taylor Brooking Manager of the team says " I hope we do well and will probably when the competition. We have already been making preparations usually two hour a night to prepare the team,"

Dr. Brent Comer with Taylor Brooking manager of the ESports Team

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