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Domestic Violence Calls Keeps Lawrence County Sheriff's Department busy over the weekend

LAWRENCE COUNTY - MARCH 6, 2023 - According to a Lawrence County Sheriff's Department press release the department responded to three separate domestic violence calls over the weekend.

On Saturday morning at 12:45 am Lawrence County Officers Bailey Duprey and Kinsley Duncan was dispatched to the 200 block of North 6th Street in Mitchell after reports of an unwanted male was beating on multiple doors, screaming profanities, and attempting to get into the house.

Bradley Minton, 26, Plainfield, had an active " No contact Protective Order" against him for the residence and the occupants. Minton had left the residence by the time officers arrived, but was located by the Mitchell Police Department a short time later.

Officers Duprey and Duncan arrested Minton for invasion of privacy ( violation of the protective order) and he was taken to the Lawrence County Jail.

Assisting officers included Captain Chris Anderson, and Whitney Daughtery of the Lawrence County Sheriff's Department and Mitchell Police Officers Kenton Carter and JD England.

On Sunday, at noon Officers Harrison Fleetwood, Logan Smoot, and Riley Hitchcock, were dispatched to the 300 block of Shawswick Station Road.

Jayln Scales, 23, Bedford reportedly had injured a family member. The injuries causing bleeding and swelling to both the family members face and arm.

Scales was reported as damaging items in the residence and damaging property.

When officers arrived Scales picked up a large knife and began to walk towards an officer with it. He complied orders to drop the knife. Scales was taken into custody.

Officers requested Lawrence County Fire Territory Ambulance service to evaluate Scales for a large amount of illegal drugs he allegedly consumed.

While EMS personnel was there, he began to flee while handcuffed but was quickly detained. However, this was not before he bit an officer, and forcibly resisted.

Scales was taken to IU Health Bedford Hosptial, where he caused a disturbance, and refused to calm down after being repeatedly told to do so. Eventually, Scales had calmed down and was transported to IU Bloomington Hospital for further medical treatment. Scales was not arrested at the time due to the medical issues he was treated for. He was issued a no trespass order and ordered not to return to the residence.

However, on Monday morning Scales was finally released from IU Health Bloomington Hospital. Scales returned back to the residence on Shawswick School Road and caused a disturbance.

Officers Smoot, Fleetwood, and Captain Andrew Phillips responded and arrested Scales.

He was taken to the Lawrence County Jail and arrested for Battery, resisting law enforcement, battery on a police officer, criminal mischief, and disorderly conduct. Scales was again taken to IU Health Bedford for being jailed.

The third incident occurred on Sunday at approximately 6:20 pm after 911 dispatch received a report of an altercation between a male and a female who were walking along the 300 block of Old U.S 50 near Dixie Highway and trespassing on the caller's property.

Officer Brenton Trueblood arrived and checked a wooded area near the intersection. Both the male and female took off running when they seen Officer Trueblood. Officer Trueblood giving several commands for both the male and female to stop running, with Officer Trueblood able to catch the two.

Sgt. Michael Williams arrived to on the scene to assist.

Eldon Sullivan, 44, Bedford, was found to be wanted on a warrant out of Monroe County. Sullivan was wanted for Driving While Suspended, with prior and possession of paraphernalia from Monroe County Circuit Court 3.

Officers located the items that Sullivan had thrown while fleeing the officers. These included two glass smoking devices with meth, possession of marijuana, Possession of paraphernalia, and criminal trespassing.

The female complained of medical issues and taken to IU Health Bedford, and was not arrested at the time pending treatment, however charges are pending.


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