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Dollens Elementary School will forever be named such by NLCS Vote Thursday night

OOLITIC - JULY 20, 2023 - During the opening of the North Lawrence Community School board meeting Thursday night, school board member Barbra Miller made a motion to make an amendment to the school board agenda.

The school board members agreed to do so, and she then made a motion to have the Dollens Elementary School forever named such.

" I have seen about three names of this school in the last three years to four years, the school has had three names, first being Dollens, K-8 Oolitic Campus, and this summer and Oolitic Elementary, I would like it named like it was originally named," said Miller.

NLCS School board member Barbra Miller

The motion vote was unanimous in a 6-0 vote, President Adam Parsley was not present at Thursday night's meeting.

Doctor Dollens lived at 279 Lafayette Avenue in Oolitic delivering several children throughout the years.

Doctor Dollen delivered more than 5,000 babies in his lifetime. Doctor Dollens practiced medicine in the Oolitic community for more than 51 years.

Dr. Claude Dollens was born in Trinity Springs in Martin County, Dr. Dollens being a schoolteacher himself after being licensed to teach from Central Normal College in at Danville and then decided to become a physician.

In 1903 he enrolled in Central College of Physicians and Surgeons in Indianapolis, Indiana. In 1907 he graduated from Purdue University in medicine and began a horse and buggy doctor in Avoca.

In 1913 Dr. Dollen purchased his first automobile, and was rough traveling throughout the area on the county's dirt roads.

Dr. Dollens was best known for baby deliveries from Greene, Lawrence, Jackson, Martin, and Monroe Counties.

Dr. Claude Dollens was born on December 13, 1880, and died on January 22, 1961.

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