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Details on Motorcycles vs Vehicle Accident in Orange County Unavailable at this time.

ORANGE COUNTY - JUNE 5TH - 2022 - Details on a traffic accident involving several motorcycles and a vehicle are unavailable.

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The accident was reported around 4:00 p.m. on State Road 56 west near Ames Chapel, Saturday afternoon.

Lawrence County Zephyr has reached out to the Orange County Sheriff's Department who stated the accident report is not completed and will take several days before any information could be released to the media.

Several Orange County residents have reached out to the Lawrence County Zephyr in trying to find out more information.

The total number of persons injured, and their conditions were also not available.

Due to the number of inquiries about this accident Lawrence County Zephyr decided to at least inform the public that we are working on this story.

Several agencies were summoned to assist in accident which included Orange County Sheriff's Department, Orange County Rural Fire District 1, French Lick Fire Department, Paoli Fire Department, IU Lifeline Ambulance Orange County.

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