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Despite Neighbor's Objection at both Board of Zoning Appeals and Plan Commission Variance Passes

BEDFORD -JUNE 20, 2022 - Despite the efforts of Rachael Fields who lives across from 2435 I Street, Fields attended both the Bedford Board of Zoning Appeals and Bedford Plan Commission meetings approved the variance.

Melissa Hamiliton is requesting a minor subdivision on her property to turn the property into two parcels. A garage will be turned into a home , which will be sold at a later date.

Fields has objected to the proposal saying it will detract from the existing neighborhood. However, Corey Allen and Bedford Plan Director Brandon Woodward says that several parcels in the area have less than the required square footage for homes in the area.

One of the parcels would all be within the required standard, and the other would be less than the required square footage required under zoning standards. Angel Hawkins Bedford Plan Commission and Bedford Zoning Appeals member went to the property and did not see any issues to prevent the measure from moving forward. Parking will also not be an issue for either of the two parcels along I Street.

The public hearing for Daryl Peterson who requested a rezoning of the property at 2634 35th Street which is a B-3 Business to I- Light Industrial has passed the Bedford Plan Commission. Peterson wants to put a personal storage facility on the property. No one during the hearing spoke for or against the proposal. The measure moves on to the Bedford City Council meeting on Tuesday night at 7:00 p.m. at the Stonegate Arts and Education Center. Chairman Byron Buker told Peterson that the city council will probably pass the measure on two readings, but final approval will proably not be made until the July Bedford City Council meeting.

Public hearing for Johnny & Janet Fiddler requesting a minor subdivision at 2747 Washington Avenue moves on to the Bedford Board of Works meeting on Tuesday afternoon at 4:00 p.m.

The Fiddlers wish to divide the property into two parcels to seperate a business from the residence.

The preliminary hearing for Stephen Cole moves on to a public hearing at the July meeting of the Bedford Plan Commission. Stephen is requesting a rezone of property located at 2627 Q Street and 1717 27th Street which is currently zoned B-3 Business District be returned to R-3 Medium Density. According to Corey Allen for tax purposes both properties have been listed under the same, however for zoning purposes a garage that will be turned into a residence will have to be re-zoned before that use could take place. In order for the purchase of the property to take place, the zoning must be changed. All the other property in the area has been zoned R-3.

The preliminary hearing for Benjamin and Logan Scarlet Fair has been tabled until the July meeting. The Fair was not in attendance for the Bedford Plan Commission meeting and the attendance is required for any measure to be acted upon. The request will be scheduled for the July meeting of the Bedford Plan Commission.

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