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Despite negative impact on other taxing units Lawrence Co. Fire Territory approved for LIT revenue

LAWRENCE COUNTY - AUGUST 23,2023 - The Lawrence County council approved the local income tax revenues disbursements to the local township volunteer fire departments.

This includes Shawswick Township Volunteer Fire Department that still exists even with the creation of the Lawrence County Fire Territory.

The Lawrence County Fire Territory received an increase of $112,611 in LIT revenue and still applied for additional revenue from the local income tax.

Lawrence County Fire Territory impact on other taxing units:

  • Total impact of Lawrence County Fire Territory Impact from Local Income Tax - loss of $51,201

  • Bono Township - loss of $48

  • Guthrie Township - loss of $16,809

  • Indian Creek Township - loss of $281

  • Marion Township -loss of $874

  • Marshall Township - loss of $496

  • Perry Township -loss of $189

  • Pleasant Run Township - loss of $271

  • Shawswick Township - gain of $112,611

  • Spice Valley Township - loss of $273

  • Bedford Civil City - loss of $45,234

  • Mitchell Civil City - loss of $7,247

  • Oolitic Civil Town - loss of $765

  • North Lawrence Community School Corporation - Loss of $5,273

  • Mitchell Community Schools - loss of $2,833

  • Bedford Public Library - loss of $6,620

  • Mitchell Community Public Library - Loss of $1,718

  • Lawrence County Solid Waste District - $6,19

Despite the Lawrence County Council being provided the amount of money each volunteer fire department will receive the county council approved the distribution to every application.

The only council member to question the distribution was Rick Butterfield who asked Lawrence County Auditor Jessica Staggs if Shawswick Volunteer Fire Department qualifies for Local Income Tax distribution. Staggs told the council that Shawswick VFD did qualify.

The Special Fire Territory General Fund will receive $759,733 in 2024 and a total of $100,000 for equipment replacement in 2024.

The fire territory provides an ambulance service to Shawswick and Guthrie Townships and two paid firefighters on staff 24/7.

The Shawswick Volunteer Fire Department was never abolished with the formation of the fire territory.

The other fire departments include:

  • Huron VFD

  • Indian Creek Twp VFD

  • Marion Twp VFD

  • Marshall Twp. VFD

  • Perry Twp VFD

  • Pleasant Run Twp VFD

The Oolittic has not received any Local Option income public safety distribution since the inception of the tax. City of Mitchell is responsible for disbursal of the LIT revenues.

The biggest benefactor of the Local Option Income Tax is the Lawrence County Sheriff's Department, Lawrence County Jail, and the City of Bedford.

The county local income tax pays for some staffing positions for both the police and fire departments.


200 days same as cash - Located at 1416 James Avenue Bedford, Indiana

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