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Demolition of former Broadview Bowling Alley Begins

BEDFORD - APRIL 12, 2023 - The demolition of the Broadview Bowling Alley has begun on Wednesday morning. The former bowling alley has many sentimental feelings for local residents. However, the building fell into disrepair and now the property has found a new use.

The property will now be used storage units.

The property owner Josh Lewis is excited to get this new project underway. The demolition itself will take about couple weeks, and then the construction of approximately 13 storage units will begin in about three months following.

"Residents in the area are glad the eyesore is finally being taken down," said Josh Lewis in an interview this morning.

A fence will be placed around the whole property, but at the city's planning commission request a privacy fence will be placed on the west and north side of the property.

" It feels wonderful just to get this project underway," said Lewis.

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