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DeAndra Megdaleno Magdaleno First Woman to Run For Martin County District 2 Seat

MARTIN COUNTY - JULY 5, 2022 - The DeAndra Magdaleno, Independent will be first woman to run for a Martin County Commissioner seat.

DeAndra Megdaleno first woman to run for Martin County Commissioner Seat

DeAndra Megdaleno will face off against Paul George, incumbent Democrat candidate for Martin County Commissioner District 2 seat.

" I want to be able to bring the Martin County Community together. There is no "I" in team. I want the residents to know the door is always open," said Medaleno.

" I encourage them to bring their issues to the county commissioners meeting, and give me time to research it before a decision is made. Is this decision going to benefit Martin County or not,"

In talking with the voters DeAndra Megdaleno believes the two biggest issues facing her district is roads and taxes. Her district includes Mitcheltree Township, Center Township, and Halbert Township in the northeastern portion of Martin County.

DeAndra Megdaleno stands with Rick McCormick 8th District Congressional Candidate

Like throughout the State of Indiana, Martin County is still facing a need for ambulance coverage. The contract for Emergency Medical Calls for one ambulance for the county which is stationed in Loogootee at a cost of $250,000 for a paramedic service. The other ambulance is coming from another county.

According to Magdaleno says Martin County needs more police officers for their community to be able to respond to emergencies. The deputies need a pay increase, as the pay for the rural community is very low.

In 2021, Martin County Deputies received a $5,000 pay increase thanks to contribution by Jason Loughmiller and his wife.

Sheriff Travis Roush has requested raises for his deputies which is the lowest paid in the state at the time making only $15.42 hour. Normally after a deputy becomes trained they leave to go to other departments is more lucrative and better benefits.

They are ten full time deputies, with a reserve deputy who patrol the mostly rural areas of the county.

The average employee salary in 2021 was $33,872 and is 48 percent lower than the national average for government employees.

Martin County Jail is currently under some renovation which includes improvements to the doors, improved security and other facelifts.

In responding to the Mid-States Corridor project being proposed by the Indiana Department of Transportation she believes the state could save taxpayers money by improving existing U.S. 231.

Martin County residents concerns on the amount of litter and lack of a Solid Waste facility in their county is raising eyebrows. There are only two collection sites which are in Shoals and Loogootee that are impacting the amount of dumping and trash throughout the county.

The waste is collected at the two locations and then transferred to Solid Waste Dumps in other counties. This cost the county money to have it hauled away.

DeAndra Magdaleno is looking at ways to bring better Economic Opportunity to the county. Crane Naval Base sits primarily in Martin County, and is a large employer of the county, however the county has not seen the economic boost that other counties have, according to residents in Martin County.

Some resident have questioned the economic benefits the western part of the county has received verses those in the eastern half of the county.

The November 8th Election will decide who will take the seat January 1, 2023.

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