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Daviess County Sheriff's Department Receives Communication Boards for Autistic Individuals

DAVIESS COUNTY - ( April 22, 2022) -Daviess County Sheriff Gary Allison is pleased announce his office, in cooperation with the Autism Society of Indiana, is providing communication boards to each deputy. Sheriff Allison recognized this is a vital need to help aid and protect the citizens of Daviess County.

Through a grant provided by the Autism Society of America and private donations, the Autism Society of Indiana purchased picture communication boards to be placed in the vehicles of all the deputies of the Daviess County Sheriff’s Office. The communication boards will aid the deputies to be able to communicate with a person who may be nonverbal, have limited English skills, have autism or other disabilities or mental health issues. All deputies have received a training video on how to use the communication board.

The Autism Society of Indiana recognizes the need for this type of assistance to first responders and the citizens of Indiana who struggle with communication and wants to provide communication boards for every law enforcement and first responder agency in the state of Indiana.

For more information or to inquire about communication boards, contact the Autism Society of Indiana at

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