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Court orders competency evaluation for woman accused of killing her children

LAWRENCE COUNTY - NOVEMBER 16, 2023 - Lawrence County Superior Court I Judge John Plummer III has ordered that Brittany be evaluated to see if she is mentally compotent to stand trial.

This order was issued on October 31, 2023.

Photo: Brittany Medina has been charged in the murder of her two children is being evaluated on her mental comptency to stand trial

Medina's trial is scheduled for March 13, 2023 if she is found compotent to stand trial.

A pre-trial conference is scheduled for December 13, 2023 at 9:00 am and is being represented by Lawrence County Chief Public Defender Timothy Sledd.

Orginal story: MITCHELL - SEPTEMBER 28, 2023 - Details on how a Mitchell woman killed her two children have emerged according to an Indiana State Police report detailing the murder.

At 4:00 pm Tuesday afternoon 33year old Brittany Medina went to the Lawrence County Sheriff's Department and reported the killing of her two children ages 1 and 3 years of age at 1211 West Brooks Street in Mitchell, IN.

Brittany Medina 33, Mitchell is being held in Lawrence County Jail on the charges of two counts of murder and two counts of neglect of a dependent causing death.

Medina initial hearing is scheduled for Friday morning at 10:00 am in Lawrence County Superier Court I with Judge Plummer III presiding she is currently being Held without bail.

Photo : Britanny Medina is being held in the murder of her two children ages 1 and 3

Medina reported drowning the two children in a bathroom inside the residence.

  Mitchell Police officer Steven Britten and Lawrence County Sheriff Detective Michael Ramos finding the children in the bathroom after giving detective Ramos the key to the residence.

The Indiana State Police conducted an interview with Medina at the Lawrence County Sheriff's Department with ISP Trooper Kent Rohlfing and ISP Detective Michael Tummers around 6:36 pm Tuesday evening.

In the interview with the Indiana State Police Medina told officers the reason why she went to the Lawrence County Sheriff's Department was because she sent her son and daughter to heaven.

Medina told investigators that the night before she consumed 1/2 gram of Zanax, suboxone strip, and snorted three lines of cocaine.

Median residing at the residence with her boyfriend, and on Tuesday morning both woke up at 6:30 am. He then left for work in Bloomington. She fixed breakfast and put a cartoon for them to watch.

At 2:30 pm she told officers she heard voices in her head indicated that she needed to send her children to heaven today or there will be someone come and take her two children and her and place them in a dark hole.

Medina told investigators that the people would torture all three of them until the end of their lives, if she didn't send them to heaven today. She told investigators she then went into the bathroom closest to the master bedroom and began to fill the bathtub with water.

Medina telling investigators she knew she was going to drown her children to send them to heaven. She told investigators she got into the bathroom with both her children. She then told them both she loved them and gave them kisses. She held them both under water by their necks and until the son had no longer had a pulse an quit moving.

Investigators asked Medina that while she was filling up the bathtub with water was it her intention to give them a bath or was it to send them to heaven. She told officers it was to send them to heaven.

Medina then exited the bathroom and went into her bedroom and put on dry clothes . She then went back into the bathroom and observed the two children laying the bathtub not moving and the water was completely still.

She told investigators she then got into her vehicle and drove to the Lawrence County Sheriff's Department.

Earlier news story: MITCHELL - SEPTEMBER 26, 2023 - The Indiana State Police was contacted to lead the death investigation of two children at 1211 Brooks Street in Mitchell Tuesday afternoon.

At 4:16 pm Lawrence County County 9-1-1 Central Dispatch received the call reporting the killing of two children a male age 3, and a female child age 1.

Brittany Medina, 33 has been arrested for their murder.

The bodies of the children was transported from the scene to the Lawrence County morgue where the autopsies are scheduled to be performed.

The Mitchell Police Department, Mitchell Fire Department and IU Lifeline Ambulance responded initially to the call.

Brook Street between 12th and 13th streets and 13th Street from Brook and West Oak Streets was closed for several hours as crime scene tape was lined around the residence.

Lawrence County Prosecutor Sam Arp II and Lawrence County death investigator Robert Herr arrived at the scene to assist Mitchell Police Department in the initial investigation. The Indiana State Police was then asked to take over the investigation.

The Indiana State Police Crime Scene investigators arrived just before 6:00 pm to process the scene.

This remains to be an active investigation.

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