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Council Denies Janie "Craig" Chenault Request to attend Budget Hearing by Zoom

LAWRENCE COUNTY - AUGUST 24, 2022 - The Lawrence County Council denied council member Janie "Craig" Chenault request to attend the final run through of the budget hearings by zoom.

Lawrence County Council members talk prior to their meeting Tuesday night

Chenault told council members she will be attending in a conference meeting in California and wanted to be able to sit in on the meeting.

However, Lawrence County Council member Rick Butterfield stated, " I am little old fashioned, and I think we need to be present and in person when we do the public's business,"

Lawrence County Council Attorney Katie Simon drafted a resolution to allow Chenault to attend the meeting by Zoom. However, if there were any votes on the budget during the meeting state law requires a roll call vote.

County council members were reluctant to allow this during the budget hearings especially if certain line items had to be voted on. This would slow the process down, especially on a evening that may require council members to cut budgets from several office holders and departments.

Several council members weighed in on the matter and thought this was not a good idea at the time.

President Scott Smith stated since the majority of the council did not like the idea, the matter would not move forward. There was no vote on the matter.

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