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Copy of Complaints on Electioneering to the Lawrence County Election Boa and Released

LAWRENCE COUNTY - JUNE 30, 2022 - Lawrence County Zephyr obtained copies of the complaints and responses from the poll Sheriff at the Mitchell Community Center. The complaint on Lawrence County Republican Chairman Heath Hawkins and Times Mail Newspaper was not obtained.

To protect privacy of the witnesses their addresses were covered as not to disclose their personal residences even though both are public officials. One being a former Spice Valley Township Trustee and the other a law enforcement officer for the City of Mitchell.

Election Board Members Don Robertston, John Williams Jr. and Billie Tumey

Lawrence County Zephyr was not notified of the public hearing on June 9, 2022, that was held to investigate the claims about electioneering on the Republican Chairman Heath Hawkins which was alleged Hawkins did not have the proper credentials on Election Day to enter into the polling locations.

However, on election night Lawrence County Zephyr was at the Lawrence County Voter Registration office when Hawkins admitted he did not have the proper credentials.

By law the Lawrence County Election Board only had to notify the public through one legal notice of the hearings. Lawrence County Zephry was notified by a voter of Lawrence County who requested Lawrence County Zephyr to be present at the hearing to inform the public of the hearing and cover it.

Several attended the hearing Wednesday afternoon at the Lawrence County Voter Registration on alleged misconduct

Sarah Hillenburg complaint

The misconduct was forwarded on to the Lawrence County Prosecutor's office for review, as well as the determination of the Lawrence County Election Board hearing held on Wednesday.

Rob German response and complaint - The Lawrence County Election Board dismissed German's complaint because it did not relate to Election Day

Mark Bryant Republican Sheriff of polling location for Mitchell Community Center about the Times Mail Reporter Photographer entering without proper credentials.

Sarah Hillenburg account of Times Mail photographer and reporter entering polling place without credentials

The Lawrence County Election Board has banned Perry Reynolds from being a poll worker on Election Day for allowing a Times Mail reporter and photographer to enter the polling place without proper credentials.

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