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Contract from Tiger Meal Services No Longer Under Consideration

LAWRENCE COUNTY - NOVEMBER 7, 2022 - The contract being considered by Tiger Meal Services is no longer under consideration.

Lawrence County Sheriff Mike Branham told commissioners that the contract proposal and new contract presented between the two did not match up. " There was approximately a $8,000 difference between the two," sheriff Branham told the commissioners during their regular scheduled meeting Monday morning.

Lawrence County Jail

Tiger Services was to take over the meal services for the Lawrence County Jail. The total cost of the to the county for this service was proposed at $278,472.

According to Sheriff Branham the contract would have allowed correctional officers to get back in the jail where they are needed.

Tiger services would have provided a total of 2500 calories which is 300 more than previously the current plan offers.

A certified dietician will sign off on all the menus. A hot breakfast, hot lunch and a cold dinner will be served to the inmates.

Tiger staff would be out of the kitchen by 1:00 p.m. every day. According to Tiger this would have been a savings in utilities and save the life of the equipment.

The jail will be billed monthly for services, and a statement will be issued weekly on the number of meals served.

Tiger would oversee the staffing, inventory, inmate assistance, meal preparations, and cleaning.


During the Lawrence County Commissioners meeting the Lawrence County Sheriff reports that the jail population is under 100 at 96. This is the second less than a month the jail population has been under 100.

Thanks to the hard work of Lawrence County Prosecutor's office, Lawrence County Public Defender's Office, Lawrence County Superior Court Judges John Plummer III and Bob Cline, and Lawrence County Sheriff's Department the jail population over the last six months have been steadily decreasing. The longest stay of inmate currently is about four years.

Total Inmates - 96

Males - 81

Females -15

Level - 6 - 5

Department of Corrections - 7

Paroles - 1

The Lawrence County Justice Study calls for the building of a new correctional facility proposed at $46 Million dollars. There have not been any studies conducted to see the total cost for the rehab of the existing facility.

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