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Construction Continues to Sizzle in Bedford

BEDFORD - AUGUST 15, 2022 - Construction continues to sizzle in Bedford, over the last couple months. The Bedford Planning Department issued a total of 9 permits for the month of June, and 31 permits in July.

In June Paragon Developpements on West 16th Street completed over a $2 Million renovation to its facade to create a new outside appeal to its properties that encompasses Jay - C Foods, Anytime Fitness and other retailers along the strip.

Paragon Developments invested over $2 Million in a new look for its property along West 16th Street

In July, construction of a new car wash has begun with over $750,000 in new construction for this particular project.

Construction of a new car wash is underway in the 3100 block of John Williams Blvd

The even brighter spot for the City of Bedford is over $1 Million in new home construction in the month of July.

Despite all the economic uncertainties with inflation, rise in construction costs, and rise in interest rates there continues to be a lot of construction continuing in the City of Bedford.

Permits issued in June:

  • Certificates of Occupancy - 2

  • Commerical With Inspection- 3

  • New Building Construction - 1

  • New Residential Construction - 5

  • Residential no inspection - 2

  • Residential with inspection - 6

Permits issued in July:

  • Commerical Without inspection - 1

  • Demolition - 1

  • New Building Construction - 2

  • New Residential Construction - 11

  • Residential no inspection - 6

  • Residential with inspection - 8

  • Signs - 2

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